How to make friends with a cat

The cat does not drink from a bowl!
Oh, these pets! How often they surprise us with their strange habits! For example, they ignore a bowl of fresh water, but drink water from the aquarium with pleasure or…

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What are some cat toys?
Toys are an integral part of a cat’s happy life. And the more of them, the better. But going to the pet store for a new thing, you can get…

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Sphynx Cat Care
Sphynx cats are wonderful pets. They are distinguished by a soft, flexible character and do not cause problems with coat. However, caring for a hairless cat has its own nuances…

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Can cats use catnip?

Catnip – what is this plant? Why do some cats literally go crazy after smelling it, while others are completely indifferent to it? What effect does mint have on pets? Is she safe? You will find answers to all these questions in our article.
What is catnip?
Catnip is a perennial herb of the European-Central Asian species. It is found in Russia, Western and Central Asia, Central and Southern Europe, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Grows on forest edges, wastelands, along roads. Many grow unpretentious plants in the front gardens or at home.

The official name for catnip is catnip (Latin Népeta catária). Obviously, the plant owes its name to a striking effect on most cats: both domestic and wild. However, mainly catnip is used in areas far from the zoo industry: medicine, cooking and perfumery. Continue reading

Do pets need variety in food?

If dogs and cats could talk, what dish would they order? What if a pet is tired of its feed and wants to try something new? Does he need variety in food? Find out in our article.

Proper feeding of the dog and cat is when the diet is close to the natural and fully corresponds to the physiological needs of the animal. Knowing how a pet’s digestive system works, it’s easier to understand what its diet should be like.

Features of the digestive tract of dogs and cats
Dogs and cats have a relatively short intestines, so their digestion process is more passive. Continue reading

Why do cats rub on their feet?

Why do you think the cat rubs against the owner’s feet? Creeps in? Asks for pens? Hints that it is time for lunch? Or maybe there is no reason and this is a feature of the behavior of a particular cat? About this in our article.

Cats are still individuals. There are no two identical. Nevertheless, they have many common habits: for example, the habit of rubbing against the feet of a beloved master.

So you go into the house after work, and the cat begins its ritual: it approaches your ankles, arches your back, purrs, kisses about you and as if hugs your legs with your tail, and so on. Continue reading

Do cats need cereals?

Any cat is an obligate predator. This means that she needs a diet based on animal protein (up to 90%). A cat physiologically cannot stay healthy if there are too many components from plant foods in its diet. However, a certain proportion of carbohydrates should still be, and that’s why.

Carbohydrates perform the function of rapidly receiving energy, which a cat needs to break down animal protein. In other words, a small proportion of carbohydrates ensures the normal digestion of animal protein, from which the cat receives energy and building material for the whole organism.

In nature, cats (like other predators) make up for the need for fast carbohydrates through the contents of the stomachs of prey (rodents and birds eating cereals and plant foods). The most common cat prey in nature – the mouse – just feeds on cereals and plant foods. A mouse is a source of animal protein for a cat, but by eating it, the cat also receives a small portion of the grain of their rodent digestive tract. Continue reading


There is a popular belief that only cats can put marks on the corners of walls, doors or furniture, while females do not observe such unforgivable behavior. However, this is not so at all, it happens that a cat marks itself like a cat. The pet approaches the fifth point usually to a vertical surface, raises its tail, shakes it and releases a few trickles of urine. And she doesn’t just pee at all (the little need of the female is seated), so the mustachioed prankster puts her “brand” marking on the surface that interests her. In this article, we will understand why the cat marks the territory, and also find out how to deal with such behavior.

Reasons why a cat marks territory Continue reading

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