How to make friends with a cat

Is it possible to walk a cat?
Spring is slowly but surely coming into its own. With the arrival of heat, cats are increasingly basking on the windowsill in the sun, and their owners are wondering: maybe…

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Can cats use catnip?
Catnip - what is this plant? Why do some cats literally go crazy after smelling it, while others are completely indifferent to it? What effect does mint have on pets?…

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Cat Sterilization: Pros and Cons
What is sterilization? What is the difference between sterilization and castration, or is it the same thing? Why sterilize a cat, what are the pros and cons of this operation?…

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Why does a cat need a tail?

Have you ever wondered why a cat needs a tail? If everything is clear with paws, ears and other parts of the body, then the purpose of the tail made many people break their heads. We will talk about the most common versions in our article.

For a long time it was believed that the tail is a balancing tool, thanks to which cats are so graceful, dexterous and so accurate in their calculations. True, the ability to accurately calculate the distance of a jump, turn around at the moment of a fall and deftly walk along the thinnest branch is admirable, but what role does the tail play in it? If balancing depended on him, would tailless cats retain their dexterity? Continue reading

Obesity in Cats: Symptoms

In the previous article, “Obesity in Cats,” we talked about the causes and treatment of the disease. In it, we noted that obesity develops gradually: from insignificant weight gain to a real threat to health. It is very important to notice in time that the contours of the pet began to “blur” in order to quickly adjust the diet and prevent the development of the problem. But how to do that? What signs indicate overweight?

Surprisingly, many owners do not even realize that their pets are overweight. A well-fed cat can look cute, and her increased interest in food can easily be attributed to her personal qualities: “Yes, he just loves to eat!” But, unfortunately, sooner or later, excess weight will certainly declare itself on the negative side – and, probably, in a categorical form. To prevent this from happening, you need to know what signs indicate excess weight, in order to adjust the diet in time and return the pet to perfect physical shape! Unfortunately, if you run this question, the “insignificant” excess weight will turn into already significant obesity. Continue reading

How and how to flush a cat’s eyes?

Cats are incredibly neat pets, but they need help from the owner to maintain a flawless appearance. In our article we will tell you how to wipe the eyes of a cat and what means to use for this.

A healthy cat always has clean eyes. The appearance of abundant purulent discharge or tearing is a bell for an attentive owner: rather, the pet should be taken to the veterinarian! This may be a symptom of an infectious disease, allergy, or eye injury. The exact cause will be determined by a specialist. Continue reading

Cat recovery after surgery

Any surgical intervention is a big stress for the animal’s body. How quickly the pet recovers depends on the complexity of the procedure and the quality of postoperative care. How to do everything right and help the cat recover faster?

1. Strictly follow the recommendations of your veterinarian.

The word of a veterinarian is the law. Follow the recommendations and do not self-medicate. If the doctor prescribed antibiotics to the cat, give her antibiotics, and exactly as many days as it should be, even if it seems to you that the pet has already recovered. All appointments must be observed – the success of rehabilitation depends on this.

2. Monitor the condition of the pet. Continue reading

Bezoar in cats

What are bezoars? Why are they formed and what is their danger? How to protect your pet’s health? About this in our article.

Bezoara: what is it and why are they formed?
Bezoar is a ball of wool in a cat’s stomach. Why is it formed?

Licking his coat, the cat swallows dead hair. With small amounts, the body removes them naturally. But if there is a lot of wool in the stomach, it becomes tangled, mixed with feces and forms “corks”. Traffic jams cause constipation and can lead to a complete blockage of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, all the food entering the intestines will advance only to the “traffic jams”. She will not be able to push through bezoars, accumulate in the body and cause intoxication.

Under pressure from bezoars and undigested food, the walls of the intestines can burst! Continue reading

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How to make friends with a cat?
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