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Cats against Christmas trees!

New Year without a Christmas tree – is it possible? Many cat owners think so. They saw how a carefully decorated Christmas tree crashed to the floor under the onslaught of a furry pirate, how toys crashed and how needles spread throughout the apartment. But this is far from the most terrible trouble. A cat besieging a Christmas tree can be seriously injured: fall inadvertently, injure itself on glass decorations, receive electric shock from a garland or swallow rain, which is very dangerous. In such cases, a veterinarian cannot be dispensed with. It turns out that the festive tree turns into a quest for a pet – very interesting, but full of dangers, and quite real ones. But is it really now to give up the tree? How to put a Christmas tree if a cat is at home?

If the Christmas tree for you is an important component of the festive comfort, do not rush to abandon it. Turn on the fantasy! You can create a “safe” Christmas tree, you just want to!

On the Internet, a lot of creative ideas from the most inventive owners. Some hang Christmas trees from the ceiling, others put them in a cage (or aviary), while others enclose the entire perimeter with vacuum cleaners (or other objects that the cat is afraid of). In the end, you can draw a holiday tree on a window or directly on a wall, or you can create an application. But today we’ll talk not about creative solutions, but about how to secure the classic New Year tree. Go!

Natural or artificial?
If there is a pet in the house, it is better to choose an artificial Christmas tree. She is much safer. Cats simply love to chew on live branches, but plastic needles usually do not attract their attention. Natural Christmas trees have very sharp needles and twigs; a cat that decides to taste them can be seriously injured. In addition, living Christmas trees are showered, and the pet will surely carry needles throughout the house.

Take care of the foundation!
Whatever Christmas tree you choose, it should “stand firmly on its feet.” Pick up a sturdy and stable stand. Try swaying the tree with your hand. If she’s barely holding on, she just won’t be able to cope with the cat.

Please note that natural Christmas trees usually stand in buckets with a filler, such as sand. When choosing this option, be prepared that your pet will definitely arrange excavations.

If the tree is in a container of water, do not let the cat drink it. This can lead to poisoning!

We are looking for a safe place!
Consider carefully where to install the Christmas tree. If the Christmas tree is small, perhaps it will be safe on the nightstand, refrigerator or on a shelf where the cat will not get it. Of course, much depends on the cat itself. Some people prefer not to strain once again, and for others to jump onto a refrigerator or a cupboard is a daily ritual.

A large Christmas tree is best installed in a relatively free part of the room. It is advisable that there are no objects next to her that can serve the cat as a springboard.

If possible, install a Christmas tree in that part of the apartment that you can close from the cat at night or while you are not at home. By the way, the tree looks very nice on the covered balcony.

No need to decorate the tree as soon as you set it. The cat, most likely, burns out of curiosity! Give her some time to get used to.

When you decorate the Christmas tree, take the cat out of the room. Otherwise, your actions and various toys will attract the attention of the cat, and he will certainly go on the offensive!
Choosing the right jewelry!
To protect the tree from cats, it is better for owners to abandon glass toys in favor of plastic and textile. Choose models large enough so that the cat does not have a desire to nibble them. It is advisable that they be static and not swing from the slightest breeze. Swinging and spinning shiny toys will surely catch the cat’s attention. She will definitely start hunting for them!

Rain should also be discarded. Very often, playing pets, they swallow them, and this is already a serious danger to life. Alternatively, instead of rain, you can use large tinsel. But if the pet shows increased interest in her, it is better to remove it too.

If a cat swallows rain, gnaws a glass toy, or is injured by a splinter, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible! This is very dangerous for her life, and such situations should not be allowed!

Artificial snow, edible toys and candles are also not recommended. The snow is toxic, the cat will try to get food, and the candles are a real fire threat.

Less is better!
We recommend decorating the Christmas tree in the style of minimalism. Do not use many toys, and generally place them closer to the top.

Cats vs Christmas trees
We distract attention!
Give your cat more special toys: tracks, teasers, wobblers, tubes, labyrinths, etc. The more alternatives the hunter has, the less attention she will devote to the tree.

We scare away from the Christmas tree!
Curious and overly active cats can literally stick to the tree and wait for days to wait for the right moment.

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