How to remove fleas from a cat?
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There is a popular belief that only cats can put marks on the corners of walls, doors or furniture, while females do not observe such unforgivable behavior. However, this is…

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Is your cat ready for winter?

Winter is snowflakes on the window, a magical New Year’s mood, warm blankets and homeliness. Perhaps this time of year is most liked by your cat. When it’s cold outside, it’s so nice to bask with the mistress under the covers, doze off on her knitted sweater and hunt for legs in warm socks! But for the winter to be extremely pleasant for the pet, the owner needs to be alert. Cold window sills and drafts can cause cystitis and relapse of urolithiasis (ICD). Should a cat freeze – and that’s it, hello, new and old diseases! However, if you follow the 10 recommendations, the health of the pet can be protected!

Balanced diet
A high-quality balanced diet is the basis of the foundations of strong immunity. Analyze the diet of your cat: is it suitable for its age and individual characteristics, is it balanced enough, does the composition meet the needs of the body, etc. For example, the basis of the cat’s diet should be meat, because she is primarily a predator. If you are a fan of ready-made feed, choose the lineup, in which the meat is in the first place (meat – ingredient number 1). With a natural type of feeding, also base your diet on meat and be sure to give your cat a vitamin-mineral complex. A veterinarian will help you pick it up.

Veterinarians recommend special diets for cats prone to ICD, cystitis and other diseases. Consult your specialist for this.

Is your cat ready for winter?
Heavy drink
Along with a balanced diet, the prevention of ICD and cystitis is a plentiful drink. When the cat drinks a lot and, accordingly, often goes to the toilet, the fluid in her bladder does not stagnate. This prevents the formation of solid particles and pathogenic bacteria in the urinary system. But what if the cat drinks a little water? Offer her liquid prebiotics (Viyo Reinforces – special for cats)! For a pet, they are about the same as useful drinking yoghurts for us: they improve both delicious and digestion, and support the immune system. And in addition to everything, they provide the prevention of cystitis and ICD.

Vaccination is a mandatory measure to protect the health of the pet, without it anywhere. Regular vaccinations expand the spectrum of the immune system and help protect the pet from serious diseases. An organism that is under reliable protection is less likely to get sick, while serious infections “attract” other diseases or their relapse.

Vaccination is only effective when following the pattern!

Helminthic invasion is a common cause of weakened immunity, which means the development and relapse of various diseases. For a long time, it can be asymptomatic, and unsuspecting owners do not understand why the pet is so often sick. Helminths vital products slowly but surely destroy the body, striking at specific organs and weaknesses. To protect the pet, be sure to deworm once a quarter.

Deworming is mandatory for all cats. Including for those who never leave the apartment. There is still a risk of infection. For example, the owner can bring helminth eggs into his apartment on his shoes.
Is your cat ready for winter?
Parasite treatment
Ectoparasites (the most popular among cats are fleas) are also a serious danger to immunity. And also huge discomfort, scratching and pain. Not only walking cats can become infected with fleas. These parasites live in the basements and entrances of houses, which means they can get into the apartment through an open door, slots or … on your shoes and clothes.

Treatment of pets from parasites should be carried out regularly! The frequency of processing depends on the protection chosen. Read the instructions carefully.

Preventive examinations
Diseases are easier to prevent than to treat. Make it a rule to deliver the cat to the veterinarian, not only if there is a problem, but also for prevention. It is enough to do this once every six months. Effort is a minimum, but you will be calm for your pet’s health.

Lack of drafts
So that the cat does not catch a cold, try to protect it from drafts. Especially after washing. It is better to immediately dry the hair dryer.

Window sill insulation
If your cat is a lover of sleep on the windowsill, be sure to put a pillow or plaid on it. So that on a cold surface she does not catch a cold.

Is your cat ready for winter?
Active games
The more the cat moves, the better its physical condition, health and immunity. Stock up on toys that you can play with and with which the cat will play on its own. In our article, we talk about what toys for cats are. Entertaining games are not only pleasant, but also very useful leisure.

Stress free
Cats, like us, suffer from stress. Frequent or long-term stress leads to a weakening of the immune system. Protecting your pet from worries, you automatically contribute to maintaining his health.

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