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How to clean your cat’s ears at home?

How to clean the ears of cats? It would seem that this is nothing complicated. But the procedure has its own nuances, not knowing about which you can harm the pet. In our article, we will tell you whether cats need to clean their ears, how often, and what they need to pay attention to first. Take note!
Do cats need to clean their ears? Of course, but only when they are really dirty. Clean ears do not touch!

If the pet’s ears are healthy, then for their hygiene you will need a special lotion and a gauze swab (optional). If there is a disease, the procedure will look different. A veterinarian will prescribe treatment and tell you how to clean your ear.

We select only high-quality lotions designed for regular cleaning of ears in cats (for example, ISB Clean Ear, 8in1). They are completely safe and act very gently: they do not dry out and do not irritate the skin.

How to clean the ears of a cat?
How to clean the ears of cats? A few steps.
We fix the cat so that during the procedure she doesn’t hurt herself and scratch you. A pet accustomed to grooming is enough to hold with one hand. But if ear cleaning turns into a struggle not for life but for death, call for help of a friend and wrap a cat with a towel.

Strictly follow the instructions for use of the selected lotion. As a rule, it is enough to drop a few drops into the auricle, massage the base of the ear and let the cat shake its head calmly. And you’re done, the ears will be clean!

How often to clean the ears of cats? For each pet, the frequency is individual. The procedure is performed as it gets dirty. As a rule, no more than 1 time per week.

If desired, after the cat shakes its head, the auricle can be gently wiped with a cotton swab.

We save cotton buds for ourselves: they do not fit cats. Using them, you can injure your skin and eardrum.

If there is a lot of discharge in the ears, the cat often shakes its head, tries to scratch its head and tilts it to one side – immediately contact a veterinarian! These symptoms indicate a disease that requires immediate treatment. The ear is a sensitive organ located near the brain. You cannot run his state.

After the procedure, be sure to treat the cat with a treat: she deserves it!
So that the cat is not afraid of leaving, act carefully, gently talk to her and treat her treats, do not create stressful situations. Ideally, a cat can easily tolerate ear cleaning, claw cutting, and combing, as this is a good way to get a treat!

Better care for your pets!

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