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What are some cat toys?

Toys are an integral part of a cat’s happy life. And the more of them, the better. But going to the pet store for a new thing, you can get confused. The assortment is simply huge, on what to base your choice? We will help you!

What are some cat toys?
Toys for cats are primarily divided into two groups: for joint host and pet games and for independent ones. Each group has its own advantages, and one should not exclude the other: they must be combined. For example, toys for joint games form the relationship between the owner and the cat, strengthen their friendship, and improve mutual understanding. And toys for independent games allow you to occupy your pet while the owner is busy or absent.

For any cat, no matter how independent it may be, attention is important, and when playing with its beloved owner, it is truly happy.

Top 5 co-op toys
teasers (for example, a flexible teaser with a toy from KONG, various fishing rods, ribbons, feathers, etc.),

clockwork toys (for example, “Clockwork Mouse” Petstages),

battery-powered tracks (for example, the KONG Glide’n Seek toy, in the case of which fluffy tails move)
balls (rubber or plastic that bounce off the floor perfectly),

various textile toys (mice, fish, boomerangs) that can be thrown up and which, of course, need to be pulled out from under the sofa on time.

Toys for independent games are not only an interesting leisure, but also a real salvation in education, and an effective way to deal with stress. Not every cat can boast that the owner spends with her 24 hours a day. When we leave for work or on other matters, our pets are left completely alone. They get nervous, yearn, or, left to their own devices, just miss. But the cat will not be bored for a long time. She will surely find what to do with herself. And if in your house there are no toys that will attract her attention, she will take up the damage to wallpaper, furniture or other things. Common situation? In order to protect the atmosphere of the apartment and prevent the pet from choking out of boredom, models were invented for independent games. They are often called interactive. The cat plays with pleasure when they are left alone at home or when the owner is busy. And they also allow you to take a pet at night, because when the whole family falls asleep, the hunting instincts of a cat only wake up! Do not forget that all cats are nocturnal animals, and if you do not provide them with options for midnight leisure, you will definitely not get enough sleep.

Top 5 standalone toys
famous one-story or multi-story tracks, which can be played by several cats at once (for example, tracks for cats Petstages – a permanent hit of sales),

toys with catnip (the cat definitely will not leave indifferent Kong “Kicker”),

reels with ropes (Orc coil),

scratching posts – a real salvation for furniture and wallpaper,

electronic toys with motion sensors.

Ideally, a cat should have several toys: for joint and independent games. So that interest in them does not disappear, they need to be alternated.

So, you have decided on what type of toy you want to purchase. What else to look for?

Check serviceability. If the toy is mechanical or electronic, you must definitely check whether it works before buying.

Check the integrity of the toys and packaging. Toys must be intact, evenly painted, without scratches or damage. All parts, if any, should be held tight.

Destination. Use toys strictly for their intended purpose. For example, children’s toys should not be given to a cat, because their filler or material may harm it. Dog toys will not work because of stiffness, size or other characteristics. Toys for rodents will be too small.

Choose toys designed specifically for cats. They are safe and designed specifically for the needs of your pet.

What are the toys for cats
Everything else is individual nuances. For example, some cats adore catnip patterns, while others do not respond to them at all. Some like to catch up, the second – to jump, and still others prefer to chew toys lying on their side. Preventive models are very popular, which not only entertain the cat, but also support the health of its teeth, freshen the breath, etc. Much depends on the individual preferences of cats, but they can only be recognized by the test method.

Be that as it may, the path to perfect toys is always exciting. Let your cat have more of these!

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