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The cat jumps on his face and bites!

Of all the negative habits that cats have, the habit of jumping on the face is the most unpleasant. In the end, it is also dangerous: cat’s claws not only leave scratches on the skin, but can also damage the eye. Why does a cat behave in this way, and the main question: how to wean it from it?

Why does the cat bite on the face?
We want to reassure you: the cat jumps on your face and bites not because it does not like you or wants to offend you, but because it … plays.

Cats live side by side with humans for centuries, and we have already learned to understand them. Nevertheless, some features of their behavior will forever remain a mystery to us. For example, we still won’t know why a cat lying peacefully next to it suddenly comes to mind to throw itself on its face. But you don’t need to know – you must wean it!

Cat jumping on face
How to wean a cat to jump on the face and bite?
If the cat bites for the face, even the most patient owner can not stand it and give her a slap in the face. However, this measure will not bring the expected result, but only spoil the relationship.

Brute physical force as a punishment does not teach the cat, but sets it up against the owner. In addition, the pet can be seriously injured. Everyone knows that children should not be hit on the head. But what about cats? Their head is no less sensitive. The same applies to the back. In this area, the cat has a huge number of nerve endings, and with a strong slap, she will feel the same as a person when hit in the solar plexus.

Therefore, we do not categorically introduce brute physical force into the educational process. We replace it with a symbolic force: a click on the nose or a slap with a kitchen towel. You will be surprised to learn how sensitive cats are to such measures.

Similarly, things are with the voice. A scream is a serious irritant for a cat. It scares, but, again, does not teach. A clear and strict “impossible” will bring much more benefit.

So, your actions when a cat bites for a face:

Clearly and strictly command “No!”

Threaten with your finger or let in heavy artillery: click on the nose, slap with a towel or spray with water from the spray gun. One option to choose from!

Cat bites over face
Read more about the last paragraph. Water is perhaps the worst punishment for most cats. Arm yourself with a spray gun and spray the cat’s face with water whenever it makes undesirable actions. A few “tortures” of water will be enough for the cat to behave exemplarily when she sees the spray gun (even if standing nearby peacefully).

And the most important rule of education. You need to punish a cat at the time of misconduct or immediately after it. Even a minute delay will bring upbringing to naught: the cat will not understand why she was punished, because just can’t correlate punishment with its action.

Buy special toys for your cat! The more a pet is occupied with an exciting game, the less time and energy he will have to play “cat and mouse” with the owner!

When weaning a cat from its habit, it is important to be consistent. If yesterday you punished a cat for its misconduct, and then ignored it – there will be no result.

Do not forget that the best educators are demanding, strict, but always friendly. Whatever misunderstandings stand between the owner and the pet, do not let them ruin the relationship between you, it’s not worth it!

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