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Cat Disease: Cystitis

Can cats have cystitis? – Maybe. And, unfortunately, quite often. We will talk in more detail about the disease and its causes in our article.

Pets often suffer from the same diseases that we do. Cystitis is no exception. Once you get ill with cystitis and do not treat it – how it will come back for any reason. Fighting him can take a long time, but all efforts will be useless at the slightest violation of the requirements.

What is cystitis?
Cystitis is an inflammatory process in the bladder. The disease can be independent or secondary, i.e. to accompany another disease, for example, infection. There are acute and chronic forms of cystitis. Symptoms of acute are immediately noticeable, but the chronic form can occur blurred, for a long time without pretending.

Acute cystitis gives the cat great discomfort. The pet is hurt, he can’t normally go to the toilet, worries, sometimes screams. His well-being is rapidly deteriorating. The faster the cat is delivered to the veterinarian, the more successful the treatment will be.

Cystitis is a common disease of cats. It can develop at any age, regardless of the breed and the general health of the pet. What reasons can provoke it?

Cat Disease: Cystitis
Cystitis in cats: causes
The most common cause of cystitis. Strong drafts and temperature changes in combination with a weakened immune system easily provoke cystitis. It is necessary to ensure that the cat does not get into the drafts and does not sleep on the cold floor. If the apartment is cold, hairless cats will need warm clothes.

Metabolic disease.
Poor water and feed quality, inadequate fluid intake, unbalanced diet, overfeeding or, on the contrary, lack of food – all this violates the metabolism and leads to cystitis

Other diseases
Cystitis can be the result of an infection or a chronic disease. Viruses and bacteria spread with blood throughout the body. As a result, some diseases seem to skip from one organ to another.

Decreased immunity.
This item includes everything that negatively affects the functioning of the immune system. This is a long-term antibiotic treatment, and stress, and infection with parasites, and much more. Weakened immunity makes the body vulnerable, and cystitis – as one of the most common diseases – will not slow down the opportunity.

And these are only the main causes of cystitis, in practice there are many more. To prevent the disease, properly care for the pet and monitor its health.

Injuries to the abdomen and back.
Injuries to the abdomen can cause local hemorrhage, which will give inflammation to the walls of the bladder. In case of back injuries, there is a high probability of pinched nerve. This will disrupt the urination process and also lead to an inflammatory reaction.

And these are just the main reasons for the development of the disease. In practice, there are many more. To preserve the health of your pet, adhere to the correct conditions of detention and monitor the state of his health.

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