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Bezoar in cats

What are bezoars? Why are they formed and what is their danger? How to protect your pet’s health? About this in our article.

Bezoara: what is it and why are they formed?
Bezoar is a ball of wool in a cat’s stomach. Why is it formed?

Licking his coat, the cat swallows dead hair. With small amounts, the body removes them naturally. But if there is a lot of wool in the stomach, it becomes tangled, mixed with feces and forms “corks”. Traffic jams cause constipation and can lead to a complete blockage of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, all the food entering the intestines will advance only to the “traffic jams”. She will not be able to push through bezoars, accumulate in the body and cause intoxication.

Under pressure from bezoars and undigested food, the walls of the intestines can burst!

To maintain the health and life of the animal requires surgical intervention.

Bezoars in cats
Bezoars in cats: symptoms
The following symptoms allow suspecting lumps of hair in a cat’s stomach:

– violation of the stool,

– lack of appetite,

– apathy

– vomiting

– weight loss.

If you notice one or more symptoms, contact your veterinarian. Even if it is a matter of minor indigestion, it is better to play it safe.

How to deal with bezoars?
Existing large bezoars are removed surgically. But the strength of each owner is to prevent their formation.

Bezuoars in cats are formed due to the large amount of swallowed wool, which means that our task is to reduce this amount.

The peak of formation of bezoars falls during the molting period. At this time, the animal has to swallow a much larger amount of hair than usual, and the body may not cope with it.

Many domestic cats and dogs molt not seasonally (like their wild relatives), but all year round. Therefore, you need to take care of the pet’s hair regularly. The more thoroughly you comb out a cat, the less hair will get into its stomach.

For combing, choose tools that fit the type of hair of your cat and conveniently lie in your hand. These are a variety of combs, brushes, mittens, curlers and furminators (FURminator). The latter are the most effective, because allow you to catch dead hairs from a deep undercoat, and not just from the surface of the coat. The popularity of the tool provoked the appearance of a mass of fakes. Be careful when making a purchase.

Bezoars in cats
The second step of prevention is a balanced diet. A healthy cat has healthy hair. And what is the source of health, if not proper nutrition?

Give preference to diets of a super premium class. With a natural type of feeding, be sure to use vitamin-mineral supplements (for appointment, contact your veterinarian). A lean, poorly balanced diet leads to abundant hair loss, which we should avoid.

If your cat often suffers from lumps in the stomach, transfer it to a special diet for hair removal (for example, Monge Superpremium Cat Hairball). Consult with your veterinarian first and proceed smoothly from diet to diet.

The third step is an aid to fighting bezoars. Special pastes, goodies, sprouted oats will help to remove lumps of wool from the cat’s stomach.

It is most pleasant to use goodies, because pets love them so much! Choose special rulers for removing wool (for example, “Dumplings for removing wool from the stomach”). If you treat them to a cat in accordance with the norm, there will be no problems with bezoars.

Sprouted oats – a tool for the amateur. Some cats love to chew weed, others ignore it. By the way, this particular method allows cats to cleanse their bodies in the wild. We hope your pet appreciates it too.

A ball of wool in a cat’s stomach

These are the main ways to prevent bezoars. As you can see, sometimes protecting your pet’s health is easy!

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