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Cat Sterilization: Pros and Cons

What is sterilization? What is the difference between sterilization and castration, or is it the same thing? Why sterilize a cat, what are the pros and cons of this operation? About this in our article.

What is sterilization?
Sterilization is a surgical operation to remove the gonads: testicles in cats and ovaries in cats. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia.

When sterilizing a cat under anesthesia (general or local), the testes are removed through a small incision. There are no stitches left after the procedure: only the thread on the spermatic cord, which naturally resolves over time. For cats, this operation is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Removing the gonads in cats, by contrast, is a complex abdominal operation. It involves the removal of the ovaries and, in some cases, the uterus. In total, the procedure lasts about half an hour.

Is sterilization and castration the same thing?
The removal of the gonads in animals is properly called sterilization. However, sterilization of cats is popularly known as castration. Those. castration is essentially the sterilization of cats.

Cat Sterilization Pros and Cons
Cat Sterilization: Pros and Cons
Do I need to sterilize a cat? This question always causes a lot of controversy. On one more often weights – unwillingness to expose the pet to surgery and deprive him of the “fullness” of life, on the other – behavior correction, safety, prevention of a number of diseases and, of course, the lack of the need to attach kittens.

If you look at the pros and cons of sterilization, the pros, of course, get more. The only significant minus is surgical intervention in the body, which involves certain risks. However, this is a one-time operation that a healthy pet can easily tolerate.

To minimize risks, it is enough to contact a good veterinarian and follow his recommendations for postoperative care.

As for depriving a pet of the “fullness” of life, in this matter the owners too often give animals their feelings and values. Reproduction for animals is a pure instinct, devoid of moral and ethical background. Those. if your pet will never have the opportunity to acquire offspring, believe me, he will not feel any sadness about this.

And sterilization has a huge amount of advantages. Firstly, the pet will not have a period of sexual hunting, which means that he will not mark the territory, meow loudly and behave aggressively, as animals do in search of a partner. And this is not only a matter of behavior. Exhausted by instincts, cats lose weight, their body weakens and becomes vulnerable to many irritants. Add to that safety: how many cats and cats ran away from home in search of a couple!

Thanks to sterilization, such problems can be forgotten. And one more significant plus: sterilization acts as a prevention of cancer and diseases of the genitourinary system. By the way, according to statistics, sterilized cats live longer!

Now I understand why sterilize a cat. In short, if you do not plan to breed, sterilizing your pet is without a doubt the right decision.

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