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How is the Don Sphinx different from the Canadian?

Sphinxes are amazing cats that leave no one indifferent. Some fall in love with the breed at first sight. Others exotic appearance at first discouraged. But once they hold a warm, hairless lump in their hands at least once, their heart will tremble! When you get to know “naked” cats closer, you learn a lot of interesting things about them and begin to understand their varieties. For example, do you know how the Don Sphinx differs from the Canadian?
For people “uninitiated” all sphinxes on one face. But true connoisseurs will always distinguish the Canadian sphinx from the Don or “plasticine” from the velor. Despite the great similarities, the Canadian and Don Sphynx are so genetically different that crosses between them are prohibited.

How is the Don Sphinx different from the Canadian?
How to distinguish the Canadian sphinx from the Don? The easiest way to do this is when representatives of both breeds are nearby and you have the opportunity to compare them. In general, Don sphinxes have a more dense and proportional physique than their relatives from Canada. The “Canadians” physique is more elegant, the skeleton is thinner, the silhouette is stretched, the muzzle is a bit narrower, and the ears are larger. Another clue is the coat. Canadian sphinxes are not completely “naked”; on one or another part of their body you will always notice several hairs or a light fluff. Many Don Sphinxes can also notice fluff and even curly hair, but the variety of naked Don Sphynx is completely devoid of hair.

And here are some more key differences.

Canadian Sphinx and Don Sphinx: differences
The eyes of the Don Sphinx are almond-shaped, slightly slanted, and in the Canadian – large and round.

There are more skin folds in the neck and axilla of the Canadian Sphinx.

The gene for baldness in Canadian sphinxes is recessive, and in Don – dominant. Breeding Canadian sphinxes is somewhat more complicated. To obtain hairless offspring, only owners of the baldness gene are allowed to cross. In another case, the litter will have both “naked” and “woolen” kittens.

When breeding Don sphynxes, even if the second parent does not have a baldness gene, kittens still inherit it.

In Don Sphynxes absolutely naked kittens are born (with a naked species), in Canadian – not.

The Don Sphynx is a very young breed, while the professional breeding of the Canadian Sphynx has been over 50 years old.

How is the Don Sphinx different from the Canadian?
But the nature of the sphinxes of both breeds is not very different. The only thing, the Canadian sphinxes can be slightly less sociable than the Don ones.

Friends, tell me what differences we did not mention? What “identification secrets” do you have?

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