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Is it possible to walk a cat?

Spring is slowly but surely coming into its own. With the arrival of heat, cats are increasingly basking on the windowsill in the sun, and their owners are wondering: maybe take the pet out? Do I need to walk a domestic cat? Let’s talk about this in our article.
Is it possible to walk with cats?
Whether the pet will go for walks is decided only by its owner. There is no definite answer to the question of whether to walk a cat.

In general, you can bring a domestic cat to the street, and at any time of the year. Walking allows you to diversify leisure, strengthen health, raise vitality, improve physical fitness. But keep in mind that a pet street is always a big risk. On a walk, a cat can catch a serious infection, get injured, break loose from a harness and run away. Of course, subject to the rules of walking, the probability of trouble is minimal, but it still exists. Therefore, it is up to you to decide!

You have two ways: periodically to walk with a cat at any time of the year or not to take her out at all.

Try to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision before getting your cat out for the first time. If after a couple of walks you change your mind, the pet may disagree with your opinion. In protest, he will scream for hours at the door, seeking another walk. And to wean him from this will be difficult. A cat who has already gone for a walk will become bored all the time sitting in the apartment.

Only a healthy cat can be taken for a walk!

Even if you are walking with both hands, you need to learn a few “contraindications”. Walking is not always safe and beneficial for cats. We list the main cases when it is impossible to take a cat to the street.

Is it possible to walk cats?
When are walks contraindicated?
– if the cat has not yet been vaccinated or the vaccination schedule is not followed,

– during the quarantine period after vaccination,

– during the period of illness and rehabilitation,

– during estrus,

– during pregnancy and lactation,

– if the cat is not treated for parasites.

It is undesirable to go for walks with unsterilized pets: their behavior is very difficult to predict. Smelling the smell of a neighbor’s cat, your seemingly calm and obedient cat can arrange an unexpected escape. Be careful!

Correctly organize a walk will help the article “How to walk a cat?”.

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