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Are cats offended?

Are cats offended?
They say that cats walk on their own and love only themselves. But affectionate purrs that do not come down from the owners’ knees refute this. They are attached to people no less than dogs, try to spend near the owner every minute and are very homesick, remaining alone. Such cats are sensitive, their mood largely depends on the owner, and offending them is very easy. But self-sufficient and seemingly independent cats are offended no less. Perhaps they do not need constant attention of the household, but some inaccurate gesture can hurt them so much that it will take a long time to return the location of the pet!

What do cats feel when they are offended?
Each cat is individual, as are its owners. And the reaction to the insult is different for everyone. Some become self-contained and become unsociable, cease to trust and avoid the masters, while others build a plan of revenge.

Have you heard stories about cat dirty tricks: arranged mess or puddles left in the middle of the room? This is all true. Cats can really be “mischievous” in response to resentment. But what drives them – stress or cold calculation – is a big question!

But one thing is certain: cats do not feel guilty. Do not hope that she will begin to lament over her “bad” behavior and will never do so again. On the contrary, all the actions that a cat takes are completely natural for her. Only soft patient education and your love will help to solve the problem.

Is the cat offended?
What are cats offended by?
Top 6 Reasons for Cat Grievances:

Physical punishment.
Shook a cat by the scruff of the neck or slipped it into it? We hasten to disappoint you: you won’t achieve anything good. Physical punishment (with the exception of a symbolic click on the nose or popping a newspaper on the pope) will not make the pet behave better. But it is quite possible they will make him lose respect for you and begin to fear you.

Loud screams.
Many cats are afraid of loud noises. And if your beloved owner is yelling at you, then the level of stress goes through the roof. To raise a voice, a cat can be seriously offended, and you will have to persuade it to get out of the sofa for a long time.

Lack of attention.
For sensitive outgoing cats, a cold host attitude is a real tragedy. They can sincerely suffer from a lack of attention, feel lonely, miss them very much. If the owner continues to ignore the cat, she will cease to be affectionate and begin to avoid his company.

Dragging by the scruff.
Cats (both wild and domestic) often grab kittens by the scruff of their neck: menacingly to teach them manners, or from a practical point of view to bear them. But if the kitten feels completely normal at the same time, then pulling the collar for an adult cat is a real insult. Do not make such a mistake!

Disrespect for personal space.
Not all cats are tame. Many just hate hugs, especially from a stranger. Any attempt on the personal space of a home predator can result in scratches and bites. And if you consider that cats before the attack give a lot of warning signs, then this is hardly their fault!

Long absence of owners.
Returning home from a trip, the owners are in a hurry to hug their pet rather, and he greets them with an indifferent look! Or does not meet at all. But the fact is that during your absence the cat was so homesick that she managed to take offense at you several times in a row and even move a little away. Some cats are worried about the lack of owners so acutely that they lose their appetite and begin to hurt.

The cat was offended, what should I do?
What to do if a cat is offended?
How to make peace with a cat if she is offended? The main rule is not to punish her, not to increase stress. If a cat “avenged” and “mischievous” in protest, and you scolded her for it, her insult will only increase. You risk permanently and irrevocably ruining your relationship with your beloved pet.

The right tactics are a gentle approach, attention and care, patient friendly upbringing. Show the offended pet that you still love it, treat it with a special treat, play with it. Even the most inflated whim will sooner or later surrender, and your friendship will be restored!

Be sure to find out what actions offend your pet, and try not to repeat them in the future. A cat is a formidable enemy, and it is better not to confront it!

Tell me, do you quarrel with your purrs? What are they offended by and how do reconciliations go?

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