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The cat does not drink from a bowl!

Oh, these pets! How often they surprise us with their strange habits! For example, they ignore a bowl of fresh water, but drink water from the aquarium with pleasure or carefully lick the sink … But if the cat does not come to the bowl for a long time, this becomes a big problem. Water is necessary for all animals to maintain balance in the body, and for cats drinking plenty of water is also the prevention of ICD. How to be? Why doesn’t the cat drink water from a bowl?
In the grip of instincts!
In the wild, cats drink water from ponds. Whenever possible, they choose flowing ponds and streams with clean, cool and fresh water. And they never eat where they drink, and vice versa. These habits are firmly entrenched in the genetic memory of everyone, including domestic cats. Knowing about them, you better understand the behavior of your pet.

Why does a cat drink tap water?
The vast majority of domestic cats around the world would gladly exchange a bowl for a constantly open tap. But since we cannot afford such squandering, they can do little: drink from a bowl (a housekeeping cup, an aquarium, a bucket or even a toilet!) And catch the moments when the water is turned on.

Why do cats drink tap water? Feel like a brook? Tap water is constantly in motion, it is clean, fresh and cool – just like in nature. And you can play with her foot! How to resist here?

Cat refuses to drink from a bowl
Why don’t cats drink from a bowl?
We list the main reasons why your pet can ignore the bowl.

1. The bowl of the cat is not suitable. If the bowl is too small or too large, the pet can quite reasonably refuse it.

2. The bowl is made of substandard material. Such material may smell (if you don’t smell it, you cannot say that it doesn’t: the sense of smell of cats is much sharper). In addition, it is easily scratched and cracked. Damages collect dirt and germs, which leaves its imprint on the taste and quality of the poured water.

3. The bowl is in the wrong place. Some cats refuse to drink from double bowls or bowls standing next to the food. In such cases, food can get into the water, it will smell differently, and in nature, cats never drink where they dine.

You can not put bowls in places with high traffic, in a draft, near the toilet, household chemicals and noisy appliances. All these and many other factors will not set the pet up for drinking.

4. Each pet should have its own bowl. If there are several cats in your house or there is a dog, pick up different bowls for them. For a self-respecting cat, using the “pond” from which the dog has just drank is blasphemy!

5. Doubtful water quality. The most important point we have saved in the end. Most often, cats refuse to drink from a bowl, because the owner does not wash it well or rarely changes the water.

The bowl must be washed thoroughly every day. It is advisable, without the use of detergents, so that there are no odors left on it. Water is replaced once or, even better, several times a day. Do you follow these rules?

Drinking plenty of water is necessary to maintain good health, and a cat’s refusal to drink from a bowl cannot be ignored. Some owners will decide that there is nothing wrong with such behavior: they say, they will get drunk from the aquarium if they want. But such water, as well as tea from your mug, will not be useful for the cat and will not satisfy the body’s need for moisture. The cat should drink clean, fresh water at room temperature and have access to it at any time. Be careful!

The cat does not drink from a bowl
How to train a cat to drink water from a bowl?
Your actions:

– get the right bowl,

– put the bowl in a suitable place (not near food, household chemicals, noisy appliances and the tray, not in a draft or in the aisle),

– wash the bowl regularly

– change the water at least once a day,

– Do not let several animals drink from the same bowl.

The ideal option is several bowls in different parts of the apartment. Most importantly, do not forget to change the water in them. When the cat determines its favorite watering places, other bowls can be removed.

Tell me, how are your favorites doing with drinking?

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