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Which bowl to choose for a cat?

Proper nutrition is not only the right food, but also the right bowls! Do you know that your pet’s appetite and health depend on their quality? In our article we will tell you how to choose a bowl for a cat, what characteristics to pay attention to and why it is so important.

When you prepare the house for the appearance of a kitten or cat, among your first actions will be the purchase of two bowls: separately for water and separately for food. Which bowls are best for cats? We will answer this question by presenting the situation through the eyes of a pet!

Which bowls are better for cats?
My perfect bowl!
What material is my bowl made of?
Cats are very sensitive to odors. Low-quality plastic bowls can smell bad. You may not feel it, but the pet’s scent is much sharper! An unpleasant odor can spoil the appetite, even if the bowl contains the most delicious delicacy. But this is far from the main minus.

Substandard material over time begins to release substances harmful to the cat into food or water. Cheap plastic wears out and gets damaged, and harmful bacteria accumulate in cracks. To protect your cat from such troubles, choose bowls made of high-quality, wear-resistant material that is safe for your pet.

So that the antennae does not bend!
Long trims – real cat pride! But if the bowl is narrow, the antennae during feeding will bend and cause the cat inconvenience. Wide bowl for cats SuperDesign or similar models will help to correct the situation. At the optimum depth, these bowls are wide enough not to disturb the main feline “locators”.

Wide bowls for cats
Is it a bowl or bath?
A wide bowl is good. But everything should be a measure. Match the size of the bowl to the size of the pet. A tiny kitten should not fit in its entirety!

Please note that cats with flat faces are difficult to eat from deep bowls. Choose flat models made specifically for cats.

What if I can’t reach?
Do not buy a high dog bowl for a cat or a bowl on a high stand, do not use human dishes. Of these, it will be difficult for a cat to eat, and this will not benefit either her digestion or posture. Trust proven brands. Good manufacturers create bowls that are ideal for cats in all respects!

Oh yes, it glides!
An unstable bowl is very inconvenient. Eating is not a pleasure, but a difficult quest. In addition, when the kitchen turns into a skating rink, it is very easy to trip over a bowl (or cat)! It is much more practical to choose models with a non-slip bottom that will stand firmly in place.

To keep the house clean!
If you feed the cat with natural products, most likely, it often pulls them out of the bowl and eats up already on the floor. And there are pets who, it seems, have not heard anything about the famous cat neatness! They just love to throw food or splash water! Especially for such mischievous mats, invented rugs for bowls (for example, Hunter) or bowls on special stands (for example, Petstages Spill Guard and SuperDesign on a Z-shaped stand) that prevent water or stern from staining the floor.

Bowls on a stand
I love to eat from a clean bowl!
Cats are usually very clean. And they may well stop coming to the bowls if they are not clean enough. Pour water and apply food for cats only in sparkling clean bowls, just like in a restaurant! Therefore, priority is given to models that are easy to clean, including in the dishwasher. But adjacent bowls are a bad idea: to wash one, you have to empty the other. A great solution is two removable bowls on the same stand. They look stylish and you can wash them individually, as each one gets dirty.

This bowl fits our wallpaper!
Bowls can become not just a necessary attribute, but also an interior decoration. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new design options that fit perfectly into your kitchen. Fans of painting, for example, should pay attention to bowls in the style of Van Gogh (“Irises” SuperDesign). Well, of course, there are a huge number of models with funny cats, in the spirit of classics and minimalism – for every taste!

Bowls for cats
And what kind of bowls do your pets have?

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