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The cat is cold: what to do?

Do you know the feeling when the street is cold, and at home, it seems, is not much better? Heaters, warm rugs and hot tea save the situation. But how to warm cats, especially when the owners are not at home and there is no one to turn on the heater? The most difficult for hairless and short-haired pets. Read how to help your cat survive the winter in our article.

Do cats freeze in winter in an apartment? It all depends on the temperature outside the window, on the heating in the apartment, as well as on the qualities of the cat itself. Of course, the Persians are much easier to tolerate winter than the Sphinxes. But for them, you need to consider several rules. What to do when a cat freezes at home? How to protect her from the cold?

Soft plaid or warm house
In the cold season, make sure that the cat has a warm “bed”. Get a fluffy blanket or pillow for your pet, as an option, get a stove bench or a special insulated house. But note: not all cats like to sleep in houses. But fleecy blankets, pillows and beds are usually a win-win option.

Cat freezes
Sweater and Warmer
What if the cat is cold all the time? This is a common situation for hairless breeds. Give your pet a special blouse or jumpsuit. And also put on her favorite place a heating pad wrapped in a blanket or your jacket. The smell of your beloved mistress in the second case will become an additional source of heat!

Leaving home, turn off the heater!
Powerful heaters warm the air perfectly. However, leaving them on when nobody is home is dangerous. Firstly, there is a risk of fire and fire, and secondly, a cat leaning against a heater can get a serious burn. Be careful!

We warm a window sill!
Cats love to sit on the windowsills. There are so many interesting things outside the window: people, birds, other animals, cars … But in the winter, the windowsills freeze very much, and pastime on them turns into cystitis. It is very difficult to get rid of cystitis, it is much easier to prevent it. To do this, make sure that the cat does not freeze: insulate the window sill. You can put a pillow, a plaid or a stove bench on it, and for greater reliability cover the entire area of ​​the window sill with a fur rug. There are special warm mats for cats with a stylish design and a rubberized non-slip base (for example, ProFleece). They can be customized to any size, rolled up, washed in a washing machine, put in a carrier or in a car for transporting animals. In a word, a lounger on a window sill for a cat will not remain idle!

The cat is freezing at home
Food and water only room temperature
One of the basic rules for caring for a cat is: water and food should always be at room temperature. It is important to always observe this condition, especially in winter! Take care that the cat does not eat cold food. And, on the contrary, even with the best intentions, do not heat up water or food for her! The cat does not need hot broth or tea to keep warm. A cat needs food and water at room temperature!

Dry the hair after bathing
If in the winter months you decide to bathe a cat, immediately dry it thoroughly with a towel and hair dryer after the procedure. A wet cat, even under a weak draft, is 99% likely to get sick.

These simple but useful tips will help you warm your pet even in the most severe frosts!

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