How to care for a cat after sterilization?
Sterilization (better known as castration) is the removal of the gonads by surgery. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, and after the procedure, the animals need some…

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Cat refuses food: what to do?
Fasting days may please you, but not your cat. If a pet refuses to feed, he has serious reasons for this. What to do in this situation? 1. Checking health.…

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Obesity in Cats: Symptoms
In the previous article, “Obesity in Cats,” we talked about the causes and treatment of the disease. In it, we noted that obesity develops gradually: from insignificant weight gain to…

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but carefully proceed

The cat is cold: what to do?

Do you know the feeling when the street is cold, and at home, it seems, is not much better? Heaters, warm rugs and hot tea save the situation. But how to warm cats, especially when the owners are not at home and there is no one to turn on the heater? The most difficult for hairless and short-haired pets. Read how to help your cat survive the winter in our article.

Do cats freeze in winter in an apartment? It all depends on the temperature outside the window, on the heating in the apartment, as well as on the qualities of the cat itself. Of course, the Persians are much easier to tolerate winter than the Sphinxes. But for them, you need to consider several rules. What to do when a cat freezes at home? How to protect her from the cold?

Soft plaid or warm house
In the cold season, make sure that the cat has a warm “bed”. Get a fluffy blanket or pillow for your pet, as an option, get a stove bench or a special insulated house. But note: not all cats like to sleep in houses. But fleecy blankets, pillows and beds are usually a win-win option.

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How to remove fleas from a cat?

Any cat can have parasites: it doesn’t matter if she walks on the street or not. Where fleas appear in a domestic cat, read the previous article. What to do if protecting the pet from infection fails? How to rid a cat of fleas?

Cat Fleas: Symptoms
It’s hard not to notice a cat’s fleas. Infection is asymptomatic only in the early days. But fleas breed quickly and cause the cat more and more anxiety. The pet begins to itch, often licks its hair, “bites” it in attempts to catch torturers. Bites and combs appear on the skin, and even black “grains of sand” – flea excrement. And, of course, direct confirmation is the parasites themselves. You can see them on an animal or even somewhere in the apartment.

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Which bowl to choose for a cat?

Proper nutrition is not only the right food, but also the right bowls! Do you know that your pet’s appetite and health depend on their quality? In our article we will tell you how to choose a bowl for a cat, what characteristics to pay attention to and why it is so important.

When you prepare the house for the appearance of a kitten or cat, among your first actions will be the purchase of two bowls: separately for water and separately for food. Which bowls are best for cats? We will answer this question by presenting the situation through the eyes of a pet!

Which bowls are better for cats?
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